Gym Profile: Gymnasio Municipal de Vega Alta, Puerto Rico

Trainer Dennis Pantoja

By Eliud Vazquez Torres

Vega Alta is another town on the Island that has produced its fair share of baseball players. Bernie Williams, the Molina brothers Yadier, Bengie and Jose just to name a few. This town also excels in another sport, boxing. It has been a hotbed for fighters to come and train here. Trainer Dennis Pantoja who was also a former baseball player himself, is the man that they mostly turn to. The gym that Pantoja manages is part of a sports complex that is owned and operated by the city of Vega Alta. Continue reading


Gym Profile: Gymnasio Municipal de Salinas, Puerto Rico

Trainer Angel Morales

By Eliud Vazquez Torres

In every boxing gym you have a trainer or trainers that spend time with fighters who communicate with honesty and in direct. You could not have it any other way in this sport. One wrong advice and it can cause you, your life. Trainer Angel Morales has all those attributes. If Morales notices one of his fighters doing a specific task wrong, he lets him or her know it right away. Continue reading

Gym Profiles: Alexis Arguello Boxing Academy in Carolina, Puerto Rico

 OscarDon Kahn’ Seary

By Eliud Vazquez Torres

Oscar Seary is a man of many trades. In his 50 plus years in boxing, he has promoted fights, set up fighter contracts, assembled organizations and has won numerous awards. Did I leave out that Seary is an accomplished trainer? The trainer who is better known as ‘Don Kahn’  trained former world champions Alexis Arguello, Wilfredo Gomez, and Jesse ‘James’ Leija just to name a few. Don Kahn holds the late great Alexis Argullo close to his heart. Evidence of this is when he opened his latest gym in Carolina, he named it the Alexis Arguello Boxing Academy. Continue reading

Gym Profile: Villa Fontana Boxing Club in Carolina, Puerto Rico

By Eliud Vazquez Torres

San Juan, Puerto Rico and the surrounding areas are known for its rich boxing tradition. There are almost 30 gyms in the San Juan region alone. One particular city in the island’s metropolitan area is Carolina, and it is a hotbed for boxing. Although it’s a baseball city first, as pictures and statues of the late great Roberto Clemente are visible all around town, boxing is a very close second. Continue reading

Gym Profile: Gimnasio Parcelas Falú in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico

Trainer Jim Pagan

By Eliud Vazquez Torres

There have been numerous discussions around the world that the very best boxing gyms, are the ones that make you feel like you want it. That was the case when I entered the Gimnasio Parcelas Falú, in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Nothing too fancy, just workman like. No air conditioner, so if you wanted to cool off, all you would have to do was to stick your head outside. If someone cannot practice the pugilist’s art under these conditions, they should not be anywhere near a boxing gym. Continue reading