Team Boxing Pulse


Eliud Vazquez Torres
You can call Eliud Vazquez Torres the “Handy Man” of because has his hands in just about everything. The editor in chief conducts interviews, writes, organizes, and reports live shows. Eliud has also written articles for Jeff Mayweather’s,, and just to name a few. Along the way Eliud has picked up awards for his contributions to the sweet science. The most important thing to Eliud is to share his love boxing with others.

Franky Colon
Franky Colon, who resides in Puerto Rico, is one of the voices of He is responsible for interviewing mostly all of the prospect and contenders coming out of Puerto Rico among others. Franky is known for his electric style that gets the fighters talking. The popular “Fantasy Match-Up” series on Boxing Pulse’s Facebook fan page was started up by Franky.

Matthew Baker
Matthew Baker is an urban historian in New York City, where he guides tours on various topics in the city’s history and culture, including its great boxing sites. He has written fiction, journalism, poetry, and drama and is editor of Guidelines, the newsletter for the Guides Association of New York City.

In order to get some regular exercise, Matt joined Trinity Boxing Club in 2011. There he fell in love with boxing culture and started writing “Famous Fighter of the Week” for the gym’s bulletin board. The rest, as they say, is history.

For more about Matt’s writing or touring, contact: or visit

Rich Mancuso
A native and still a residing in the Bronx New York, Rich Mancuso has been an accomplished and award-winning sports journalist for the past 30 years. He has done extensive reporting and wrote about major sporting events with a passion for boxing and baseball. A good part of his career has been focused around the professional wrestling industry.

A highlight was working with the superstars in pro wrestling including names such as Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, The Ultimate Warrior, Iron Sheik and Mancuso’s legendary wrestling hero, Bruno Sammartino.

Mancuso wrote for various wrestling publications, and hosted an overnight two-hour pro wrestling segment on sports talk radio WFAN in New York City. Later he hosted a pro wrestling and boxing program “Sound of the Bell” on SportsChannel New York which later became an outlet for Fox Sports regional networks.

Nick Bellafatto
Nick Bellafatto is not only a fan of boxing, but as a longtime coach/president at a non-profit run organization in Redwood City, California, he’s a proponent of the sport, providing youth and young adults a safe haven, as well as a place to enhance like skills. When not coaching, Nick is busy cranking out articles about the sport he loves, not only from an athletic perspective, but from the perspective of one who understands what it is boxers need to accomplish physically, as well as mentally to have success in and out of the ring.

Lee Robson
Lee Robson, 28 years of age, has traveled all across the world but has spent the last 10 years in the UK. Lee is the oldest of his brothers and sisters in a family of 4. Boxing is his passion and he loves the sport. Lee has competed in the past and has been around boxing most of his life even training with champions from both the amateur and professional levels.

In his spare time Lee likes to meticulously study any fighters from past or present and incorporates it into training with a couple of friends who compete. Lee is known to put in 1000% into any work he’s done or have been told to do countless times. He is obsessive in his work to get the attention to detail it right.

Other Key Contributors:

Tommy “Dee” Elias, boxing personality

Tito Garcia, interviewer

Roberto Nunez, photographer